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Our polishing pads have specifically engineered patterns for increased life,

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debris flow, and polish-ability. Our diamond polishing pads are used with angle grinders, floor edgers and floor machines either wet or dry. These are the typical types of pads used to polish industrial flooring: 1.Transitional Ceramic- Concrete Polishing USA Ceramic Bond Transitional diamonds will quickly remove scratches left behind by metal bond diamonds to prepare concrete for polishing. These pads will reduce labor costs and speed up production by eliminating at least one step in the polishing process. Extra long life especially on harder concrete. Hook and loop backing. Use wet or dry. Grits available are 30-200 -3". 2. Hybrid Resin Metal- Semi Metallic Resin pads are a combination of metal and resin with diamonds.

These pads are designed to cut like a metal bond diamond,

but lighter scratch pattern on the concrete like a resin. This pad has a beveled edge which aids your machine when going over cracks or joints. Hybrid pads are an economical way to get the scratches out and help transition between the metal and resin steps. These pads also work great for your first step in opening up a floor (even gets thru the cure at times) in the polishing process. Available in 50 and 100 and 200 grit. Use wet or dry. Grits available are 30-3000 -3". 3. Resin Diamond Polishing Pads- Concrete Polishing USA Diamond Resin pads are designed to provide a high quality finish on concrete. High quality bond for long life. Hook and loop back for use on a variety of floor machines. Grits 30 to 3000 are available. Use wet or dry. Grits available are generally 30-3000 sizes 3", 4", 5" $ 7". 4.

Concrete Polishing USA is an importer and distributor of Concrete Polishing Pads, floor grinding cup wheels, Ameripolish Dye,floor grinding diamond tools for polished concrete, floor grinding, coating removal, polishing and prep machines. We have a wide array of products for concrete grinding, concrete polshing, concrete dye, concrete countertops including restoration and maintenance products.

Some of our products include:

Concrete Diamond Polishing Pads, Concrete Polishing Pads, floor grinding cup wheels, diamond tools, diamond grinding tools for polished concrete, floor grinding, coating removal, polishing and surface preparation machines and  Ameripolish Dye.

We carry diamond tools and concrete polishing pads for most types of concrete grinding and polishing floor prep machines. Our products are for residential, commercial & industrial applications. 

Some popular brands are Concrete Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Tools, Concrete Polishing, Ameripolish Dye, Cup Wheels, Grinding Plates, & Polishing Pads .

Take a look at our Gallery & find out more...... 

Contact us toll free 800.409.9910 to find out how you can shop and save on concrete grinding and polishing products.

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